Writer Director Daniel R. Chavez with Host Julie-Kathleen Langan on ActorsE Chat


photo by John Michael Ferrari
Writer Director Daniel R. Chavez with Host Julie-Kathleen Langan on ActorsE Chat

Daniel R. Chavez was born and raised in North Hollywood California. He graduated from North Hollywood High School and attended UCLA, where he studied Business and Management for the Motion Picture Industry. He began his career as a temp/clerk with Columbia Pictures and quickly rose thru the ranks gaining great insight into how a major studio operates. However, this did little to quell his desire to contribute creatively. He went on to management and executive positions at The Walt Disney Co., SoundStorm and Graymatter. When Daniel was appointed Vice President of Post Production Services for Warner Bros. he was able to feel the real warmth of creative fires and established relationships with industry artisans and icons within film and television. During this time he was reading many scripts and began writing in earnest. This in turn allowed his passion for directing to surface. In 2010, Daniel launched DragonCove Studios, a full service production company and Ad agency. He began producing and directing commercials. With a full understanding and practical experience of concept to air, in the summer of 2012 Daniel was finally able to fulfill his dream by making “Broken Glass” – his writing and directorial feature film debut.

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