Vox Inc President Tom Lawless and Host Kurt Kelly on ActorsE Chat



Tom Lawless graduated from Villanova University with a degree in Finance back in 1998. He started out as an assistant in the voice over department at TGI (Talent Group Inc.) in 1999. He worked his way up to an agent late in 2000 and helped start up Vox, Inc. in 2002 with owner Wes Stevens. Over the years he’s help build and strengthen Vox in the areas of commercials, animation and video games. Over the last year he’s expanded on the success in the video game world by starting a motion capture division at the agency with fellow agent Jeff Jones. Tom is now President of Vox, and a partner.
Tom grew up in Duxbury, MA and has lived in Los Angeles since he moved there in 1999. He has however kept his Boston sports allegiances along the way. If he’s not in the office you can probably find him at his local Boston pub catching one of his teams in action (except for football where he’s a Giants fan he’ll explain once he gets to know you better).

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