Thespian Thoughts theatre review of Hyperbole: Origins:” “Hyper-theatrical” Endeavor


Hello, I’m Erica Mer from Actors Entertainment, welcome to Thespian Thoughts, for theater reviews. The theatrical debut of “Hyperbole: origins” plays at [Inside] the Ford theater in Hollywood, CA. The award winning Rogue Artists Ensembles creates a cutting edge experience that is beyond entertaining. The team behind the show put a lot of work and effort and it totally pays off. “Hyperbole: origins” is not the customary theatrical performance most think of with theater. The idea for the show allows the audience to watch actors perform in other ways than the usual back and forth dialogue. In the “Hyper-theatrical show,” there is music; interpreted dance, masks, puppets, and progressive technology.

The experience of “Hyperbole: origins” begins before the show. The audience is led into a small area and watches a short film before entering the main room. It truly feels like we are at an amusement park, about to go on a ride. The ride of “Hyperbole: origins.” The excitement does not stop there. There are so many tricks and interactive opportunities for the audience during the show. The laughter during the show was unheard of and definitely great to experience.

While the cast are always masked and never revealed to the audience, they do an outstanding job. There are seven actors, and when you witness the show, it’s phenomenal how much they do, and really do it well. It’s an interesting approach that their faces are never revealed. I took it that they want their performance to shine, and to be treated as artists. I respect this innovative approach to theater and hope it prolongs in the future.

If you want to experience art interpreted in a special way, “Hyperbole: origins” should not be missed. “Hyperbole: origins,” plays until December 12. For more information, please visit:, that’s Theatres.

I’m Erica Mer, with Actors Entertainment. Thank you for joining me on Thespian Thoughts. Remember, all the worlds a stage. See you next time!

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