Thespian Thoughts – The New Situation – Theatre Review by Sandro Monetti


As the Fall TV season gets underway and network bosses seek the next hit sitcom, maybe they should have adapted this witty and winning play for the small screen.
– Theatre Review by SANDRO MONETTI

The New Situation often seems like a pilot episode for a comedy series as it leaves you imagining there will be plenty more amusing adventures in future for its four appealing characters.

Jordan Preston, Carlo Allen, Susan M. Flynn; Joshua M. Bott
Jordan Preston, Carlo Allen, Susan M. Flynn;
Joshua M. Bott

The timely and true set up sees cash strapped middle aged siblings who share a home in Los Angeles forced to rent out their two spare rooms to two very different tenants.

TNS joshua

As the economic crunch bites, Francisco has been laid off from his teaching job and his sister Antonia is struggling with health insurance bills after a traumatic operation so they advertise on Craig’s List for mature tenants “who don’t snore” (the walls are thin after all).

TNS Jordan

Answering the ad are Connie, a lonely gay man with a heart of gold, and Rudy, a would-be playboy forever going on dates with much younger women he has met via various online dating sites.

TNS josh and Susan

Once they start living under the same roof, this new ‘modern family’ find their lives getting better and enjoy a lot of laughs – and so too do the audience.

TNS  Susan Jordan

The most fun is provided by Carlo Allen as ladies man Rudy. He also wrote and directed the play…and should be very proud of it.


Written and Directed by Carlo Allen

Fridays and Saturdays at 8 until September 28.
At Promenade Playhouse, 1404 Third Street Promendade, Santa Monica, CA 90401
Tickets $25 from 800-838-3006 or


Joshua M. Bott – Francisco
Susan M. Flynn – Antonia
Jordan Preston – Connie
Carlo Allen – Rudy


Produced by Nora Plesent and Maria Richwine
Production manager – Kimberly Jurgen
Stage manager – Lauren Tyni
Set design – Elizabeth Allen
Set construction – Argent Lloyd
Publicity – Phillip Sokoloff

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