Thespian Thoughts – The Love List – Theatre Review by Sandro Monetti – “Put this on your must-see list”

THE LOVE LIST: “Put this on your must-see list”
Theatre Review by SANDRO MONETTI

This is one of those great moments in theatre when the directing, staging and performances come together perfectly to make something super.

Funny, fast moving and true, comedy play The Love List is a delight from start to finish.

That’s largely thanks to the sure handed direction of TV veteran Howard Storm who has helmed such beloved hits as Mork & Mindy, Taxi and Everybody Loves Raymond.

He gets great work from his performers, who are regulars on the LA theatre scene but each of whom has never been better than here.

Witty writer Norm Foster’s story starts with Bill (John Combs) lonely on his 50th birthday until best friend Leon (Martin Thompson) gifts him a chance of love by enrolling him in a dating service run by a mysterious gypsy. They just have to fill in a list of the ten qualities Bill is seeking in his perfect woman.

But when beautiful redhead Justine (Jennifer Lee Laks) shows up at the door moments later, it’s clear there is some magic at work – and the men should be very careful what exactly they wish for!

It’s a cross between The Odd Couple and Weird Science but what it loses in originality it more than makes up for in entertainment value. Put this on your must see list.


By Norm Foster

Directed by Howard Storm

At Theatre 40
241 S. Moreno Drive
Beverly Hills, California

Until June 20 2014
(check Theatre 40 for performance dates)
Tickets $24 weeknights, $26 weekends from 310-364-0535 or Theatre 40

John Combs as Bill
Jennifer Lee Laks as Justine,
Martin Thompson as Leon.

Producer – David Hunt Stafford

Assistant Director – Melanie MacQueen

Set Design – Jeff G Rack

Costume Design – Michele Young

Lighting Design – Ric Zimmerman

Sound Design – Bill Froggatt

Stage Manager – Don Solosan

Publicity – Philip Sokoloff

Photo of Sandro by Dawn Bowery from the book California Dreaming: Brits in LA Book

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