Thespian Thoughts – Ghost in the House: The Life and Times of Jack Johnson – Theatre Review by Sandro Monetti

Ghost in the House: The Life and Times of Jack Johnson – “Boxer’s story is a real knockout”
– Theatre Review by Sandro Monetti

You might know Jack Johnson as boxing’s first African American world heavyweight champion but as this riveting play reveals, he was so much more than that.


Johnson was also a race car driver, a bullfighter, a musician, a jockey, a notorious lothario and supposedly a secret agent too.
He was also an incredibly divisive figure and the subject of condemnation from both sides of the racial divide.


Such a fascinating figure deserves a fascinating play and now he has it in this knockout one man show which charts his wild story.
Tony Todd, best known for the creepy Candyman films, is terrific, utterly real and wonderfully watchable as Johnson.
The multi-media production is directed with real verve by Frank Megna, a one time boxer himself, and helped by a brisk, witty and poignant script co-written by Megna and Ghostbusters actor Ernie Hudson.
Ghost in the House just ended a brief run at Hollywood’s Working Stage Theatre but will be performed again soon at cultural and educational institutions ahead of an anticipated New York production.

Ghost in the House: The Life and Times of Jack Johnson

An Opening Minds Production

Starring Tony Todd as Jack Johnson

Directed by Frank Megna

Written by Frank Megna and Ernie Hudson

Reviewed at the Working Stage Theatre
1516 W Gardner Street, West Hollywood, CA 90046.

Photo of Sandro Monetti by Dawn Bowery from the book California Dreaming: Brits in LA Book

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