Theatre Review: Hot Pants Cold Feet

Thespian Thoughts: Hot Pants, Cold Feet

Planning a Wedding One Diasaster at a Time! – Judth Jones
Hello and welcome to Thespian Thoughts. I am your host Judith Jones, here to share with you, a guide to all the latest and greatest small theatre, going on in Los Angeles, California.

This week we are talking about  ‘Planning a wedding….one disaster at a time’, as I.O West in Hollywood presents the hilarious comedy “Hot Pants, Cold Feet”. This 2 man show is written and performed by Will Matthews and Cassandra Smith, who have devised a comical satire on modern wedding madness.

Matthews and Smith
Matthews and Smith

They show their wonderful acting and comedic skills as they take on different characters, highlighting everything from ‘the awkward proposal’ to the cheesy wedding band audition, giving a fun insight into the way the bride and groom often have completely different perspectives when it comes to marriage. This young duo have energy, enthusiasm and fantastic comedic timing which definitely makes this one a Thespian Thoughts winner!

Now it’s time for Fabulous Fashion and this week it has to go to the fantastic little number Cassandra Smith wear when practicing her rendition of the ‘First Wedding dance’…..poledancing style!
And our Fantastic phrase of the week goes a little something like this,
“If you can’t say anything nice, say something fake”
“If you can’t say anything nice, say something fake”

Hot Pants, Cold Feet runs every Tuesday at I.O West, now through April 20th.
And remember,
“All the world’s a stage”
 Written & Performed by :Will Matthews and Cassandra Smith
Directed by Leonora Gershman Pitts

Theatre: IO West
6366 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywod 90028

323 962 7560
Tuesdays 8pm, March 2nd-April 20th
$10 admission

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