The VoiceOver Mastery Event presented by Randy Thomas


Randy Thomas presents
The VoiceOver Mastery Event
November 14th – 16th, 2014
Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center
2301 First Street
Fort Meyers, Florida


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Randy Thomas Presents

Join Randy Thomas at the Sidney and Berne Davis Art Center for The Voiceover Mastery Event: A November to Remember, an exclusive and rare weekend event where we will investigate the nature of success and learn from a select group of voice over professionals who are experiencing unprecedented success, and living the life of their dreams.

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[flv]/wp-content/videos/ActorsE_Chat_Randy_Thomas_Promo_2014.flv[/flv] Highlights from the VoiceOver Mastery Event will include:

Randy Thomas: Producer and Voiceover Artist

Graeme Spicer, Managing Director, Edge Studio

David Goldberg, CEO, Edge Studio

Melissa Disney: Finding your Strength – How to Rock Your Performance on Every Level

Anne Ganguzza: Fearless Face-to-Face And Social Networking.

Fearlessly engage head-first with heart and humanity, and never lose sight of how you may best serve others. Not only in life, but in your business!

Randy Thomas: Taking Action and The Five Habits of Success

Voice Over is the most rewarding job out there.

Interactive Panel Discussion: Creating Success in Your Voice Over Career
Moderator: Kurt Kelly, Live Video Inc
with Panel Members: Melissa Disney, Randy Thomas, Joe Cipriano, and Chris Corley

Joe and Ann Cipriano – “Living on Air” and “Ask Joe”

Whenever people ask for my advice, I always tell them to follow
their heart. Take that risk, but hold on to your day job while you go for it.

Panel Discussion: Moderator: Graeme Spicer, Managing Editor, Edge Studio
with Panel Members: David Scott, Joe Cipriano, Jeffrey Umberger

Announcement of Contest Winners for WINK-TV, DUNKIN’S DIAMONDS, Drawing for SENNHEISER Microphone and Headphones!

George Whittam: VO Studio Tech Time

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Voiceover Mastery Schedule


Randy Thomas is the first person, male or female, to announce the Academy Awards®, Tony Awards, and Emmy Awards all in a row!

Coverage of The VoiceOver Mastery Event by Randy Thomas is co-produced by Pepper Jay Productions LLC and Live Video Inc. and hosted by Kurt Kelly.


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