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Actors Reporter host Brenda Epperson and
AlfonZo Rachel at Amplify in Hollywood

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20 Lb Sledge is made up of AlfonZo Rachel: Drums/founder, Eli Chatman: Frontman, Kem Wade: Bass/Backing Vocals, and Shawn Taylor: Guitar/Backing Vocals.

Eli Chatman
Brenda Epperson and Kem Sade at Amplify
Brenda Epperson and Shawn Taylor at Amplify

Their sound is like that of Sevendust, POD-Payable On Death, Pantera, and Helmet. 20 Lb Sledge is on the Macho Sauce Productions Label and their manager is AlfonZo Rachel.

20 LB. SLEDGE is a Hard Rock music project in Southern California. Why the name “20 LB Sledge? AlfonZo Rachel came up with the title while doing some demolition work. He was breaking down a wall with a 10 pound sledge. At the time he wasn’t a Christian. He came to the conclusion that the only thing separating him from peace, joy, and prosperity was not knowing G-d. AlfonZo concluded that his ego was like a brick wall separating himself from G-d. So, AlfonZo likes to think of a 20 LB. SLEDGE as the hammer he used to smash down the wall that separated him from G-d. 20 LB. SLEDGE is now re-invented with Eli Chatman, an artist from SLAUGHTER HOUSE MINISTRIES as the Frontman, Kem Wade from BLACK LOTUS on bass, Shawn Taylor on guitar, and AlfonZo Rachel who played drums for the GARY GRAHAM BAND, and filled in for THE ARMY YOU HAVE.

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And, a special thank you to Kota Wade of Amplify. Kota, you ROCK!

Kota Wade / Amplify

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