Sidebeat Music – Kaya Jones on the Las Vegas Fame Awards Red Carpet

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Sidebeat Music – Kaya Jones on Las Vegas Fame Awards Red Carpet

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Kaya Jones is perhaps best known as one of the lead singers for The Pussycat Dolls, which was one of the most popular girl groups in history having sold more than 15 million albums and 40 million singles worldwide. The Pussycat Dolls rapidly expanded to include a Las Vegas show, merchandise, reality television programs and product endorsements, making them one of the most recognizable and bestselling music brands of the decade. Jones was one of the founding members and closely involved with the development of the group’s sound and style. <p< < p=””> </p< <>

Since leaving the group, Jones has brought her own sound to the masses and developed her career as a solo artist. Her solo hit singles include “Hollywood Doll” and “Take It Off,” both of which became top dance songs throughout the world. She put out two solo albums, “Confessions of a Hollywood Doll” and “Kaya,” and has performed at several of the top clubs in Los Angeles and New York. She also sang backup for Mick Jagger on the Golden Globe winning song “Old Habits Die Hard” from the soundtrack for the movie “Alfie.” <p< < p=””> </p< <>

Jones has also developed the Hollywood Doll brand, which designs and manufactures a line of dolls, and fashion and beauty products for young girls. And, at the age of 26, Jones became the youngest female in history to start her own record label, HueMan Race Records. <p< < p=””> </p< <>

At the age of 13, Jones was discovered by R. Kelly and signed to his record label for development as an emerging talent. By age 16, she had signed with Capitol Records and in 2003 auditioned and was selected from more than 2,000 other singers for the coveted spot with the Pussycat Dolls. After being indoctrinated into the girl band, she went under the tutelage of legendary music producer Jimmy Iovine. <p< < p=””> </p< <>

Jones was born in Toronto to a Native American father and a Jamaican mother. She spent the first several years of her life traveling with her family throughout the Caribbean before they eventually moved to the United States and settled in Las Vegas. As a young child, Jones spent her time learning to act, sing and play the violin. Jones currently lives in Los Angeles.
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