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Chrystal Chyna on ActorsE Chat
Chrystal Chyna on ActorsE Chat

ChrystalChyna is a dynamic duo of twin sisters who sing with soulful passion and charm. Virtually born into the music industry, these beautiful teenagers, who call musical icons Natalie Cole and Chaka Khan godmother and auntie (respectively) are at ease with contemporary hits as Beyonce’s “LOVE ON TOP” while also being able to put their own spin on Motown Classics. They’ve taken the stage to show that they are stylish and ready to make their name(s) ChrystalChyna into a household symbol of fine voices, offered with delicate charm. ChrystalChyna are ready to take the music world by storm. They’re already mastering live performances, taking the stage with Chaka Khan at the renowned Nokia Theatre, The Hollywood Bowl with Natalie Cole, participating in Brenda Lee Eager’s Classic Soul Revue and the hugely successful “Nu Skool Sings Old School” series. ChrystalChyna have also become featured performers at youth conferences and various community events.

“This is something we’ve always wanted to do. We aren’t just doing this because it’s fun. We are doing it because we love music.” Their melodic harmonies, vocal ability beyond their youth and playful and professional stage presence all show that ChrystalChyna aren’t just young starlets thinking to make quick hits. They were born to sing and they are putting in the work, doing showcases and live performances every chance that they get. “We want to do this forever. There’s no rush. The rush we get is when we take the stage.”


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