Savoring the Sweetness with Erika Kerekes / Not Ketchup

Erika Kerekes and Peggy Sweeney-McDonald on Savoring the Sweetness
Erika Kerekes and Peggy Sweeney-McDonald on Savoring the Sweetness

Not Ketchup came to creator Erika Kerekes in a dream. Seriously.

Erika writes a food blog called In Erika’s Kitchen, so dreaming about recipes isn’t entirely new to her. She’s also a working mom who’s responsible for feeding one husband and two growing boys. She cooks a lot, both because she loves it and because there’s always a guy in her kitchen claiming to be famished.

Erika created Not Ketchup last summer after she and her kids spent a day picking cherries in southern California’s Leona Valley. She was sick of making jam and pie, and she still had 20 pounds of cherries to use up. “What else can I do with this fruit?” she thought. And thus Not Ketchup was born… Not Ketchup / Dip Differently! Three exciting flavors:

Cherry Chipotle Not Ketchup combines the sweetness of ripe cherries with the subtle, smoky heat of chipotle pepper. Perfect on a juicy burger or paired with crispy French fries.

Blueberry White Pepper Not Ketchup takes blueberries to the savory side with a touch of mustard and a little kick of white pepper. Turns a ho-hum turkey sandwich, a grilled chicken breast, or a plate of roasted fingerling potatoes into a special occasion.

Smoky Date Not Ketchup mixes the natural sweetness of sun-ripened California dates with aromatic smoked paprika. Pair it with baby lamb chops, creamy fresh goat cheese, or your favorite grilled sausages. We used this one to glaze our Thanksgiving ham … outrageous.

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