Radio’s Best Friend, the legendary Art Vuolo with Host Kurt Kelly on ActorsE


Photos by John Michael Ferrari
Art Vuolo and Kurt Kelly on ActorsE

Art Vuolo Jr. is a well established Radio Personality. He is actively involved in radio, television, video production and journalism. Since 1972 Art Vuolo and his company have published over 100 million articles that serve as guides directing listeners to their favorite programming. Vuolo has worked with many of the nation’s most prestigious companies and radio stations collecting what he calls “Vuolo Video Air-Chex.” Its no wonder why Radio & Records has named him “Radio’s Best Friend”.

Art Vuolo and Kurt Kelly on ActorsE Chat
Art Vuolo and Kurt Kelly on ActorsE Chat

Chatting with Art Vuolo Jr is like chatting with a radio history encyclopedia. We learned tidbits about numerous radio shows, radio personalities and announcers including:

Paul Harvey,
A Video History of the American Radio Personality
Radio Airchecks
Art Vuolo’s Website:
Drew & Mike (TV clip) WRIF Detroit
Shotgun Tom Kelly B-100 San Diego
Charlie Tuna KTNQ Los Angeles
Steve “Super” Cooper WIFE Indianapolis
Diane Shannon WIFE Indianapolis
Chris Edmonds WEFM Chicago
John R. Landecker WLS Chicago
Jeff Davis WLS Chicago
Tom Graye WLS Chicago
B. J. Hunter (Ashwood) WABX Detroit
Scott Shannon & Joey Z-100 New York
Brant Miller WLS Chicago
Robert Murphy WKQX Chicago
Kurt Kelly WKQX Chicago
Randy & Alan Gardner WLW Cincinnati
Hollywood Hamilton Z-100 New York
Len “Boom” Goldberg WMMS Cleveland
Dick Purtan WCZY Detroit
Joey “3 seconds” Reynolds WFIL Philadelphia
Howard Stern W-4 Detroit
Big Jim Hall KSFM Sacramento
Amy Lewis KRAK Sacramento
Stoney Richards KLAC Los Angeles
Howard Stern WNBC New York
Alison Steele WNEW New York
Larry Lujack WLS Chicago
Fred Winston WLS Chicago

Art Vuolo’s Website

Kurt Kelly’s Website

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