Patrick Kilpatrick (Active Shooter) on ActorsE Chat with host Alexis Nichols

photo by John Michael Ferrari
Actor Filmmaker Patrick Kilpatrick on ActorsE Chat with host Alexis Nichols

As rugged as he is genteel, 6’2″, 220-lb. Patrick Kilpatrick has been one of the finest screen/television character actors and villains of his generation, playing against a spectrum of Hollywood’s leading action heroes while occasionally delivering the redemptive, even sensitively challenged, hard-edged heroic role.

Uncommon Dialogue Films, Inc. is the extremely independent and boldly
brash film, media and event company of actor Patrick Kilpatrick.

UDF’s core expertise is media idea inception to global distribution
and profitability — cherishing investor transparency, risk
mitigation protection and communication, imaginative product
integration, originality of story, budgetary frugality coupled with
globally attractive high production value … Utilizing
internationally renowned performers, brilliant production wizards and
locally grown maniacs in visionary manner.

Active Shooter is action actor Patrick Kilpatrick’s directoral film debut. Outrageously scathing and self mocking, mapping the rash and rant route to irreverent redemption and truth … raising awareness about our society’s safety while preserving the precious rights of responsible and law abiding citizens mingles orgasmically with multi racial fashion models dragged into the wild, stratospheric bullshit, puerile psycho sexual juvenility, and REBELLIOUS, Irreverent Sons of the American Revolution patriotic common sense … all the while ripping institutional totalitarianism from the ass end of Hollywood to the butt crack of dictatorial fundamental devils.

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