Motivational Chat with Jaime Kalman, John Michael Ferrari, and Natalia Nunn

Photo by John Michael Ferrari
Motivational Chat with Jaime Kalman, John Michael Ferrari, and Natalia Nunn

Empowerment Coach Jaime Kalman, Motivational Speaker John Michael Ferrari, and Natalia Nunn on Motivational Chat on Actors Entertainment.

Jaime Kalman is a Certified Hypnotherapist & Empowerment Specialist helping people increase clarity & confidence, feel more powerful, have happier, deeper relationships with others, and most importantly – with themselves. Jaime is also one of the authors of Sexy, fit & Fab Sirens by Susie Augustin.

Jaime’s healing practice, Inspired Healing and Awareness, was created with the intention of nurturing and inspiring transformation, authenticity, and healing in others. Jaime is the LA Intuitive Living Examiner for the online publication,, where she writes weekly articles about living in your highest awareness in Los Angeles. She is a certified hypnotherapist through the National Guild of Hypnotists and a certified spiritual healer through Healing in America, the US-affiliate of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, the most prominent healing organization in Europe. She is a member of Healing in America, and is actively creating healing circles in hospitals, clinics and rehab centers in Los Angeles. She also incorporates EFT (energy tapping) in her practice, providing people relief from physical and emotional discomfort. She offers compassionate and confidential consultation, guided meditation, hands-on energy balancing, Emotional Freedom Techniques, relaxing and transformative hypnosis, and creates an atmosphere of integrity,love, inspiration and possibility. She helps her clients to illuminate the blind spots that are at the source of their issues and supports them in creating access to breakthroughs that allow for extraordinary transformation and healing in their lives.

John Michael Ferrari is a motivational speaker, singer and performance coach. John is the author of Acting With Your Eyes, an actor’s guide to eye phrasing. John Michael Ferrari shows you the technique of Eye Phrasing and the Magic Pull, which will enable you to do less on camera while retaining a strong, exciting performance. These simple and powerful techniques will make you a better and more confident on-camera actor. John Michael Ferrari helps others, particularly young people, to find their voice in a confused world.

Natalia Nunn is regarded by most as “the modern-day Mary Poppins”. She is witty, compassionate, and dedicated to the care and development of children. Her childcare profession began in her home country of England, where she worked as a private nanny. She later moved to LA to work as a day care center manager. When she noticed the depravity in quality of one-on-one home care for children, she returned to nannying. With an increasing number of twenty-first-century working parents, the US and its economy needs higher-grade childcare professionals. Natalia’s, services and expertise, demand severely outweighed her supply.

As a result, she started her own business, Knightsbridge Nanny Agency. Being a premier agency, the nannies at Knightsbridge Nanny are educated childcare professionals who specialize in the unique needs of every child and family. Natalia selects and grooms only blue-ribbon nannies to be on the Knightsbridge Nanny books. She shares her knowledge of human & child development with her protégés to ensure that every client hires a nanny that will successfully enrich their children mentally and physically. Accordingly, a family simply requests what they are looking for and Natalia does the rest. As if their very own, ideal “Mary Poppins” swiftly popped up spontaneously based on her own.

Just breaching its first year anniversary, the Knightsbridge Nanny Agency has already served a number of families, many being high-profiled clients. The Agency functions primarily on referrals, surprising for the success that it has had thus far. The Agency offers a wide-range of services, each position maintaining a traditional Poppins “kind but firm” mantra, while
implementing the latest and dynamic methods to child rearing. Natalia and the Knightsbridge Nanny Agency are transforming the standards and quality of the childcare profession.
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