Models Best Friend – Find out what really makes a pageant winner from Sashes and Crowns

Kristen Rose, Miss Tennessee Teen 2010, interviews Tara Darby and Cristina Nardozzi, owners of Sashes and Crowns, where you find expertise in Pageantry, modeling, and entertainment.

Sashes and Crowns

Sashes and Crowns offers coaching to pageant contestants, help to models seeking representation and demo reel shoots, and entertainment career coaching.

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Tara Darby (Miss Alabama USA 2004) and Cristina Nardozzi (Miss Massachusetts USA 2005) have a lot in common; they both used their success in pageants to help them achieve their modeling and television career goals.  But their accomplishments did not accumulate overnight.  It was through years of hard work and dedication that got them where they are today.  Sashes and allows Tara and Cristina to empower others with the life lessons and knowledge they’ve gained from their unique experiences.

Find out what really makes a pageant winner. Is it the dress?

Learn some tips for new models and TV hosts

Your host, Kristen Rose Miss Tennessee Teen USA 2010

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