Matt Godecker and Christopher John Fetherolf with Ric Drasin on ActorsE Chat



L.A. Fuzz is a comedy starring Scott Dawson, Matt Godecker, and Christopher John Fetherolf. Directed By Christopher John Fetherolf, LA FUZZ: Detective Romeo Victor and Johnson Thomas are partners and best friends. When an undercover drug deal goes sour and Thomas is kidnapped by a ruthless Mexican drug cartel, it is up to Victor to save him. Some will die, some will accidentally get high…

LA Fuzz is a new six-part web series based on the original short film: L.A. S.H.I.E.L.D.: Cocked and Loaded (LA Short Fest 2011). It was
funded through Kickstarter. All six episodes are now available on

Ric Drasin Website


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