“Laughing With My Mouth Wide Open” is a hilarious one-woman show

I’m Erica Mer from Actors Entertainment, welcome to Thespian Thoughts, for theatre reviews. I’m so glad I was able to attend the hilarious one-woman show “Laughing With My Mouth Wide Open,” staring the extremely talented Gwendoline Yeo. The El Centro Theater, located in Hollywood, CA housed this production. Gwendoline Yeo is the star, writer and creator of the show. Her engaging presence is a delight to watch and her story is even more fascinating.

In “Laughing With My Mouth Wide Open,” Gwendoline bases the whole story for the show on her life. When she describes all the characters throughout her life, she develops their dialect and carriers herself as the person she is mimicking. What makes the show so remarkable is its authenticity. Gwendoline is not making the characters up; they are all based on true people in her life whom she knows very well. Gwendoline overcomes so much throughout the show and the audience feels such comfort in her stories. In “Laughing With My Mouth Wide Open,” Gwendoline is able to discuss very difficult situations that she experiences and turn them into humorous jokes.

I highly recommend the presence of “Laughing With My Mouth Wide Open.” The ability to carry a show on your own and leave the audience applauding on their feet is astounding, however Gwendoline is able to do this.

“Laughing With My Mouth Wide Open,” is playing at The El Centro Theater in Hollywood, CA up until December 19. For more information, please check out www.brownpapertickets.com.

I’m Erica Mer, with Actors Entertainment. Thank you for joining me on Thespian Thoughts. Remember, all the worlds a stage. See you next time!

Star, Creator, Writer: Gwendoline Yeo
Director: Mark St. Amant
Producer: Gaalan Michaelson
Scenic Design: Adam Flemming
Lighting Design: Leigh Allen
Sound Design: David B. Marling
Costume Design: Rachel Shachar
Production Stage Manager: Susan K. Coulter

 Thursdays at 8 pm: December 9, 16
Fridays at 8 pm: December 10,17
Saturdays at 8 pm: December 4, 11, 18
Sundays at 7 pm: December 12, 19

El Centro Theatre
804 N. El Centro Ave 
Hollywood, CA 90038

(800) 838-3006 or www.brownpapertickets.com


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