Johnny Short – Teen Angel, a film short starring Katelyn Haynes


Elyas "EZ" Baon and Katelyn Haynes in Teen Angel
Elyas “EZ” Baon and Katelyn Haynes in Teen Angel

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Teen Angel: A teenager killed in an auto accident tries to earn her wings so that she may ascend to heaven.

Written by Pepper Jay
adapted from a script by D. M. Larson

Directed by Pepper Jay

Director of Photograph – John Michael Ferrari

Make-Up – Cemile Dupin

Cast of Characters

PEGGY (Katelyn Haynes) : A teen who has found herself on a mission after her death.

GABRIEL (Anthony Dupin): The guide upon the stairway to heaven.

ALICE (Pepper Jay): Manager of the Water Rock Horse Ranch

DAVID (Maurice Dwayne Smith) : A mysterious angel who offers to help PEGGY in her mission.

RICK (Elyas “EZ” Baon) : A teen who has lost his girlfriend in a car accident.

HEATHER (Ariel Dupin) : A young girl staying at the horse ranch

COWBOY (Tim McCallister): Foreman at Water Rock Ranch

INSPECTER (Antonio Gellini): Health Department Inspector from Child Services

Time and Place

Present Day at Water Rock Ranch in Nevada.

Produced by Pepper Jay / Pepper Jay Productions

Johnny Shorts is a set of film shorts created and by John Michael Ferrari and directed by Pepper Jay and John Michael Ferrari for Actors Entertainment, a channel on the Actors Podcast Network, a Pepper Jay Production.

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