Johnny Short – Missing Prince

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1st Step Consulting brought beginning acting students from Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi to Pepper Jay Productions at Water Rock Ranch in Pahrump, Nevada, for a weekend of training. During that time, Pepper Jay and John Michael Ferrari gave an on-camera class which resulted in this Johnny Short, “Missing Prince.” The students did very well considering this was their first on-camera experience. Please share your kind comments! Pepper Jay

“Missing Prince”

Written by Pepper Jay

Directed by Pepper Jay and John Michael Ferrari

Make-Up – Sara Smile

Audio: Marcus Pena

Cast of Characters in abc order:

Oscar Esquivel

Braelyn Estelle

Avery Felter

Katie Glover

Kaitlyn Maddox

Raegan Savoie

Katherine Tuttle

(And Jazz the dog, White Silver, Wendell Webster, and Waddles the ducks, and Scrappy the rooster, and Fluffy, Goldie, Inkspot, Piano Keys, Snow, Dawn, Feather, Batham, Ravin, Hawk Eye, Eagle, and, of course, Prince, the chickens.)

Time and Place

Present Day at Water Rock Ranch in Nevada.

Produced by Pepper Jay / Pepper Jay Productions

Special thank you to Carol Sterling for bringing her school once again for training at Pepper Jay Productions.

Johnny Shorts is a set of film shorts created and by John Michael Ferrari and directed by Pepper Jay and John Michael Ferrari for Actors Entertainment, a channel on the Actors Podcast Network, a Pepper Jay Production.

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