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Hello, I’m Erica Mer from Actors Entertainment, welcome to Thespian Thoughts, for theater reviews. I had the successfully chilling experience of watching the production of “Greedy,” which is now playing at the El Centro Theater in Hollywood, CA. “Greedy” shows how far people will go when money is involved. Some lie, some threaten, and others kill. “Greedy” has a great story with a phenomenal cast and brings greed to a new level.

James Roday, director of “Greedy” did an excellent job of pulling together the edgy and dark plot. Both the collaboration of directing and acting made the play extremely unique. The six-person cast took their characters to a triumphant level. The visible chemistry on stage engages the audience’s interest. Within “Greedy,” some recognizable faces include Psych’s Maggie Lawson and the hilarious Kurt Fuller. One actor in particular really took charge of her role and made her character charismatic and hilarious.

Amanda Detmer’s development into the role of Janet, the butch and masculine security guard is tremendous. Detmer has the natural ability to make the audience laugh, even with grunts at another actor on stage.

In short, “Greedy” is a must see delight that is very entertaining. The amount of work put into this production is successful and should not be missed.
“Greedy” can be currently seen at the El Centro Theater in Hollywood, CA until January 29. For more information, please visit: www.reddogsquadron.com

I’m Erica Mer, with Actors Entertainment. Thank you for joining me on Thespian Thoughts. Remember, all the worlds a stage. See you next time!


Maggie Lawson
Amanda Detmer
Kurt Fuller
Peter Mackenzie
Ivana Milicevic
Brad Raider


Presented by RED DOG SQUADRON, James Roday and Brad Raider, Artistic Directors
Writer: Karl Gajdusek
Directed by James Roday
Producer: Andrew Crabtree
Production Stage Manager: Jen Bendik
Graphic Design: Bill Strecker
Costume Design: Gali Noy
Sound Design: John Zalewski
Scenic Design: Kurt Boetcher
Lighting Design: Mike Durst
Technical Director: Steve Barr

 Performance Schedule: January 8 through January 29
Thursdays @ 8 pm: Jan.13, 20, 27
Fridays @ 8 pm: Jan.14, 21, 28
Saturdays @ 8 pm: Jan. 8 (opening), 15, 22, 29
Sundays @ 8pm: Jan. 9, 16, 23

El Centro Theatre
804 N. El Centro Ave 
Hollywood, CA 90038



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