“Finding Nate,” a light detective comedy that crosses the generation gap

Bobby Sutton as Nate

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Christie Philips as Newscaster


John Michael Ferrari and Pepper Jay direct this film short about a coffee shop bandid that gets more than he expected when hiding out in an old folks home.



“Finding Nate” stars Bobby Sutton, Christie Philips, Victor Kwasnick, Kara Desmond Wall, Laurel Shapiro, Louis Weinstein, Bumdog,  Lindsay Jones, Dorothy McNeil, Marie Lavelle Miller, Lydia Lam, Ed Riner, Tony Lam, Thelma Holmes, James Holmes, Vanessa Lox, Laura Beckner, Fred Wolf, Heather Olsen,Casey Lauer, Todd Black, and Sarah Buban.

Kara Wall and Victor Kwasnick


Directed by John Michael Ferrari and Pepper Jay
Produced by Pepper Jay and Randy Hoffman
Written by Brad Bucklin, Randy Hoffman, and Lizzie Maxwell,


For complete cast and crew, please visit http://www.FindingNate.com

Ed Riner


Pepper Jay does the Limbo


Johnny Shorts is a show on Actors Entertainment, a channel on the Actors Podcast Network, a Pepper Jay Production.

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