Executive Producer, Author, Psychotherapist, Hypnotist, and Dream Analyst Dr. Donna Dannenfelser on ActorsE Chat with Brenda Epperson


ActorsE Chat with Dr. Donna Dannenfelser
ActorsE Chat with Dr. Donna Dannenfelser

Dr. Donna Dannenfelser

Dr. Donna psychotherapist and executive producer. USA’s Necessary Roughness was based on her life. Author; Speaker; Huffington Post; Dr Oz, Today Show, Bloomberg News, Fox Sports, TMZ, etc.

Dr. Donna Dannenfelser has been a psychotherapist, certified hypnotist, and dream analyst for the past 25 years. In the beginning, she specialized in women’s issues, touring the New York area giving motivational workshops on surviving divorce and separation, parenting issues, substance abuse, physical and verbal abuse, the “coming out” for people who choose to live alternate lifestyles, and coping strategies for survivors of tragic experiences.

After a short time, Donna found herself as the mental health clinician for the New York Jets and began specializing in men’s issues pertaining to high-profiled professional athletes, including their wives and families. Her clientele extended to professional athletes from other arenas, such as baseball, basketball, hockey, boxing, and golf, along with women’s sports such as bodybuilding, skating, and wrestling.

Dr. Donna, Psychotherapy Services in Encino, CA

Expanding Her Horizons

As one would imagine, everybody has a friend in trouble and eventually her clientele list included actors, CEOs, and political personalities. These experiences opened the door to radio and cable network shows where Donna was the guest speaker regarding couples counseling, parenting issues, dream analysis, hypnosis, psychic phenomena and the power of positive self-talk.

In addition, she has served as a professor of Counselor Education at New York Institute of Technology and taught Dream Analysis in the graduate program at SUNY Stony Brook. Donna has also served as the Director of Counseling in the New York Public School System. In Southern California she has served as an adjunct professor at Chapman University teaching psychology in their Education Program.

Along with being quoted in several magazines regarding marital issues and parenting challenges, Donna has a published dissertation on file at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, titled Common Elements Among Successful People Who Are High School Dropouts. This was a research project she conducted that challenged our educational system on how it does not meet the needs of all children.

Dr. Donna is the founder and CEO of Heart Cockles, Inc. Her website, www.heartcockles.com provides visualization tools that help people find their center and focus on their goals through the Law Of Attraction.

Television Career

In 2006, synchronistic events presented themselves and Donna found herself living in Southern California continuing her private practice, international motivational seminars, and university teachings. After four years of staying focused on her dream of producing a television series based on her life as a therapist, USA Network in collaboration with Sony Pictures Television® produced a TV series about a female therapist working with professional athletes and high-profile clients entitled Necessary Roughness.

Donna was the Co-Executive Producer on this series which premiered June 29, 2011 and aired for three years. The series won the “Voice Award” for mental health awareness in 2012.

Dr. Donna has appeared on the Dr. Oz Show, Crowd Goes Wild on FS1 network, and Flipping Out with Jeff Lewis on BRAVO.

Not Your Everyday Psychotherapist

Donna’s tough, New York attitude helps her cut right to the heart of the matter, empowering her clients with the ability to heal themselves.

In addition to being a Psychotherapist, Relationship Expert, and Author, Donna offers hypnotherapy, motivational speaking, and seminars on the Universal Law of Attraction.She also serves writers as a script consultant enhancing psychological histories for character development.

Dr. Donna Dannenfelser on ActorsE Chat Show
Dr. Donna Dannenfelser on ActorsE Chat Show

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