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Sandro Monetti, Bernard Bullen, Margo Alison, and David Foy Bauer on ActorsE Chat
Sandro Monetti, Bernard Bullen, Margo Alison, and David Foy Bauer on ActorsE Chat

Bernard Bullen
Born and brought up in madrid but with British father and bilingual education , Bernard’s future was already destined to be in between both Spain and UK career wise . Studied drama and graduated in 2004 and started his first professional steps in Spain where he jointed Classical Theatre company while still studying as well as the Spanish National Theatre with plays such as Romeo and Juliet , The Tartuffe or Don Juan . In 2005 he started Landing episodic roles on important TV shows . In 2007 he landed a series regular on the show HOLA , QUE TAL ! till that went on for 2 years . His TV work was always combined with modelling and Comercial work for important brands and clients . But 2009 was a Turning point in his career . Knowing he had to take advantage of his bilingual status and British passport , he moved to London wanting to pursue an international career . There , his career expanded to Italy where he worked for the show Squadra Antimafia 3 in 2010/11, playing a Colombian drug lord with great success and top audience ratings . Over the 6 years in London he worked with international award wining directors such as HUGH HUDSON – The Mysteries of Ramasses III ( 2010) , filmed in the iconic Quarzazette studios in Marrakesh , set in Ancient Egypt , and COSTA GAVRAS -Capital , a USA -France film set in London about international banking and globalisation . In 2013 he was offered one of the most important roles of his career till then in the Colombian/Mexico TV show LA PROMESA , where he played the role of Javier , a terminal cancer patient . A role that for the first time wasn’t just based in this looks but gave him the Chance to demonstrate his acting abilities. But USA had always been Calling and giving signs of interest through Bernard’s career . In summer 2014 he landed the role of INAKI un the up coming USA comedy ADAM JONES , directed by JOHN WELLS and next to BRADLEY COOPER, Daniel BRHUL and Sarah Green . The film will be released this October in the USA and premiered also in London and LA this fall . Now based in LA and already worked for Telemundo and the film THE LOVE WITCH , hopes and is happy to keep expanding his career in the USA where he has been so well received so far .

Margo Alison
Margo Alison, seen as “Lily St. Cyr,” in “Marilyn – The Secret,” at the Macha Theatre, in West Hollywood, is a classically trained actress, dancer and filmmaker from Russia. Margo also played Marlene Dietrich, in “Garbo’s Cuban Lover,” also at the Macha. She has the lead role in the forthcoming film, “The Fly.”

Margo graduated with honors in acting and movie history at the prestigious “Gerasimov Institute” of Cinematography in Moscow. As a producer, Margo made documentaries and commercials, including a TV documentary about the first Christians, in Cappadocia, Turkey. As a TV anchor and journalist, Margo interviewed such luminaries as Mikhail Gorbachov, Zirinovsky, Lujkov, the former mayor of Moscow, other politicians and well-known business figures. She was an active member of the All-Russia business association “Delovaya Rossiya” (Business Russia).

Margo holds degree from Moscow State Institute of International Relations. As a young woman, Margo traveled throughout Russia as a competitive figure skater and model, whose face was the trade mark of international skin care company.

In Los Angeles, Margo studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute and has appeared in numerous stage productions, television and commercials.

David Foy Bauer
David was born on July 4th, 1991 and grew up in Grantham, Lincolnshire. Having learned piano and trumpet from a young age, David has been performing from the age of 5. His first stage appearance was at the age of 14, in a school production of ‘Godspell’ the musical. He continued performing throughout his high school career, and graduated from ‘The King’s School’, Grantham in 2009 with a string of respectable A level grades in Music, Theatre Studies, Biology and Chemistry.

Once graduated, he was involved in several independent short films in England, including The Sofa (2012). In August 2011, he moved to Corona, CA to train with The Young Americans, a non-profit professional performance group. Here he received a years training in acting, music, dance, performance and teaching methods and went on to complete 2 International Music Outreach Tours (one 3 month tour of Europe and a 2 month tour of Asia) and tens of other shows with the group.

After completing his time with The Young Americans in January 2013, David remained in California to continue his acting training at Theatre of Arts, Hollywood. David will remain here until he graduates in Spring, 2015.

ActorsE Chat with Bernard Bullen, Margo Alison, and David Foy Bauer
ActorsE Chat with Bernard Bullen, Margo Alison, and David Foy Bauer

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