Dezi Style! – Fall Floral by Ralph Lauren


Fall in southern California is nothing to complain about. We get beach days and sweater weather alike making it a versatile season for both fashion and fun. To be honest, I first found this Ralph Lauren maxi wrap dress in red, not black. I really loved how festive and warm the red looked but made the mistake of not buying it on the spot. When I returned for the dress, they had sold out. Let this be a lesson, ladies: If you love it, buy it.

That’s not to say I don’t adore this beautiful black piece. I grew up with a deep love for easy, breezy maxi dresses and this one seriously makes me want to twirl. I happened to pair it with my new Charles David caged heels but for a more relaxed look, black booties will do the trick and won’t cost you in the fashion department. Another added bonus: an adjustable drawstring, making this dress officially perfect for fall feasting.

Culver City | CA

Photo by Richie Chance

Dress by Ralph Lauren | Booties by Charles David

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