AFM 2013, a Flashback Part 3 with host Kurt Kelly on ActorsE Chat

ActorsE Chat flashes back on Actors Reporter coverage of American Film Market 2013 with ActorsE host Kurt Kelly, Part 3.

Kurt’s guests include:
1. Eugene Kokemorer and Danie Barnard: Bustin Chops is the first movie that is written, produced, and directed by this dynamic duo. The film debuted at AFM this year and is the South African version of Jackass. Both of the gentlemen starred, wrote, directed, and produced together. This is in association with Leomark Entertainment.

2. Mary Stein: A dynamic actress from Michigan who has a background in drama, improv, stage and many movies. She has been in such classics as Babe, and more recently Glee and Brooklyn Nine Nine. She was at AFM promoting her drama and her musicals.

3. Bo Keister and Steve Kopera: The star and the Producer and Director of “The Cabining” a film about two screenwriters who head to a northern Michigan cabin to write a script that will be made into a movie by their uncle. It is in fact the last chance that they have to make the movie, and be professional screenwriters. They head to the cabin and work hard to meet the two week deadline but have issues when people start mysteriously dying. This is a horror comedy from Leomark Entertainment.


4. Andrea Staerke: Associate Producer with Kosakowski films and helping with the awareness, funding and distribution of German Angst. This is a tripartite movie containing three episodes about love, death, and sex, it is centered around what happened in Germany after World War II. As well as it is a horror film that focuses on sharing all of the feelings of Germans with the world.


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