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Tracey Birdsall is an accomplished actor, producer, vocalist, and fitness/nutrition enthusiast.

Tracey has several films she has been cast in this year, including the up-coming “Dawn of the Crescent Moon” in the role of “Tracey” (which was specifically written with her casting in mind), the up-coming role of “Jamie” in this summer’s production of “Courting Chaos” (produced by ArtMedia), and in the coveted role of “Mrs. Astor” in Deadline II (the sequel to Deadline (2011), Directed by Chris Tasara.

Her most recent projects include the soon-to-be-released Do You Like Your balls? (2014) (Directed by Reza Riazi) in the hilarious role of Francesca – a trophy wife with an insatiable appetite, and a force to be reckoned with; a Guest Starring role on The Young and the Restless opposite Stephen Nichols, and a lead ensemble role in the series Etiquette: A Surprisingly Relevant Guide to Good Manners in the Modern World (2012), where her zany character “Lucille” tackles traditional etiquette in modern Los Angeles.

On the festival circuit, Tracey is known for her role as “Kitty” in the dark romantic thriller, Tick Tock (2010), which is getting rave reviews, accolades and numerous top awards on the festival circuit. She has been nominated for two Best Acting Awards in 2010, alone. Tick Tock (2010) was hailed by acclaimed critic Paul Pritchard (of as “one of the most memorable independent films of 2010”, while also garnering “Best Movie” at GIAA Film Festival in New York City, “Best Drama” at Burbank International Film Festival, and many more.

Over the course of her career, she’s appeared in numerous features playing opposite such stars as Dennis Hopper, Sondra Locke and Joe Penny in The Prophet’s Game (2000), and Leigh McCloskey, Allyce Beasley and James Van Patten in I Might Even Love You (1998), also known as “Hi Allie…” (1998), in which she also sang the vocals.

In the 1980s and 1990s, she was cast in several memorable television roles, including the quirky desk clerk in Hearts Are Wild (1992), the supporting role of “Sarah” in the made-for-television movie, Casino (1992), and the role of “Amy Sanders” in the soap opera, Loving (1983) (1985-1988). She was also fortunate enough to land co-starring roles in such memorable shows as Family Ties (1982) and All My Children (1970).

Over the years, she has hosted several television programs, including “The Million Dollar Showcase of Homes”, “Discover America” (CNBC) and “Board TV” (ESPN). She has appeared in more than 65 television commercials, at the regional and national levels, including the multi-year campaign for (2011-2013).

Tracey lives in Malibu, California with her youngest daughter, Stevie Kall. She also has two other children who grew up in the industry: Nicky Birdsall and Aaron Jacques. Her step-son from her prior marriage, Tyler Smith, is a student at the University of Cincinnati.

In addition to acting, she is an avid boater, has a fanatical passion for working out and staying fit. In 2010, she flew on a relief mission to the less accessible airports in Haiti following the earthquake. She is in the process of editing the footage from the trip to Haiti in the creation of a documentary through her company Pacific Coast Entertainment, Inc.

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