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Danya LaBelle is a New York actor, comedian, and improviser who just made the big ol’ move to LA…her AZ family is happy that she is much closer now! She received her BFA in Theatre Arts from Boston University’s School of Theatre where she studied acting, directing, literature and dance (including hip-hop, jazz and lyrical; if you’re lucky, she’ll break dance for you). Danya’s true love in life is comedy, only second to chorizo nachos: she has trained extensively at the Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC and continues to do so in LA. Coming soon, Danya can be seen on two new HBO produced shows! The “People in New Jersey” pilot directed by Paul Feig and the Cinemax/HBO show “The Knick”, directed by Steven Soderbergh! Also look out for her role on TNT’s “Perception” (Her first LA gig). Recently, Danya booked a national Kayak VO commercial. She also filmed with the talented Amy Schumer for the Comedy Central sketch show, “Inside Amy Schumer”. She is continuously working hard to produce her own work with her writing partners Elyse Brandau and Sam Schechter. Look out for webseries “Billy and Bonnie” and “Small, Medium, Tall”. Their sketches can be found on YouTube and on Funny or Die. Her energy, charisma, and talent has been likened to that of Bette Middler, Kathryn Hahn, Pamela Adlon, Jenny Slate and Sarah Jessica Parker, as well as Barbara Streisand (not just because of the nose). Danya is a reader in a number of casting offices, including ABC and Barden/Schnee Casting.

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