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Troubles After Dark
Troubles After Dark

Best Motion Pictures presents it’s newest live staged sitcom (For adults) entitled “TROUBLES AFTER HOURS”. A sitcom performed in front of a live audience!

“TROUBLES After Hours” is a live staged sitcom that you’re guaranteed to love. It’s promise to attack,finesse and caress your every emotion. Get ready for laughter, joy and pain all wrapped up in this live staged sitcom entitled “TROUBLES After Hours” Hold on to your seats as we take off with Season 1 Finale of “TROUBLES After Hours”!!!! Stick around after every sitcom to Mingle with the cast while enjoying FREE live music courtesy of the New Orleans Jazz Market.


Trazi Lashawn, Creator, Co-Writer, Director, and star of Troubles After Hours


For Tickets to future episodes of Troubles After Hours, visit EventBrite

Next episode of Troubles After Hours:
Saturday, March 19, 2016 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM (CDT)
New Orleans Jazz Market – 1436 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd New Orleans, Louisiana 70113

Best Motion Pictures presents “TROUBLES After Hours” a live staged sitcom

Cast of “TROUBLES After Hours” episode 4


Trazi Lashawn as Malcolm Jordan Sr.

Albert Fly Jr. as MJ/Malcolm Jordan Jr.

Nakeveya Anthony as Tracy Jordan

Joshua La’Branche as Corey

Joseph “RBZ” St. Julien as Frank

Samantha Gates as Kailyn

Joseph Davis as Eric

Kaven Walker as Jared

Asia Roubion as Londyn

Duffy Austin as Vincent

Mary Pavlov as Leslie

Tiffany Payne as Lorie

Felton Williams Jr. as Pastor Shine

Alexandria Jo’Nel as Sandra

Omar Washington as Jackson

Created by Trazi Lashawn

Trazi Lashawn

Executive Assistant
Elisha Rashi

Trazi Lashawn
Paulette Carter
Wanda Rose

Best Motion Pictures
Trazi Lashawn

Best Motion Pictures Casting Department

Set Designer
Best Motion Pictures
Trazi Lashawn
Joseph “RBZ” St. Julien

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Trazi Lashawn and Pepper Jay
Trazi Lashawn and Pepper Jay

Special thank you to Samantha Gates and Nancy Barger to inviting me to see Troubles After Hours!


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