ActorsE Chat with Teen Actress Nay Nay Kirby and Host Pepper Jay


Nay Nay Kirby and Pepper Jay on ActorsE Chat
Nay Nay Kirby and Pepper Jay on ActorsE Chat

NAY NAY KIRBY began her career as an Actress at the tender age of 4; when she was casted in a short film in San Francisco. She has over 300 live performances, actor credits, 30 national commercials, and over 45 music videos. She has also written 15 original songs (ASCAP song writer).

• 2013 Queen Little Miss African American Scholarship Pageant Winner
• Creator of “Lunches with Love” (preparing homemade lunches to feed homeless mom’s & children)

Reality Judge: “Funny or Die” Boy Search YouTube network

Radio: Show host: Blogtalk “Teens R Talking”

Contributing Author: This Cookie Don’t Crumble (released June, 2015)
• Clarissa’s Gift ( nominated for best actress as Clarissa)
• Wishes “Nay Nay” stars as Carrie
• Who’s Watching the Kids “Nay Nay” stars as Susan
• Hallmark “Annie Claus is Coming to Town” Nay Nay stars as Vivica A. Fox’s daughter
• Hallmark “Black out” Mini Series “Nay Nay” co- stars with Eriq LaSalle’s as her dad
• Featured in Pharrells “Happy”
• Featured as TI’s daughter in “Murda Bizness with Iggy Azeala
• Featured in Ceelo Greene’s “Forget You”
• Featured in Soldier Boy “Blowing Me Kisses”
• Featured in Jill Scott’s “Lovely Day”
• Featured in Eddie Murphy & Snoop, Lion VEVO “Red Light”
• Featured in Melonie Fiona “Ay Yo”
• Featured in Akon’s “Hold my Hand” featuring Michael Jackson

LIL NAY NAY has hosted several Award and Red Carpet events.
• Rising Star Music Awards teen host with founder Shelia Ferguson
• Omni Music & Actors Awards with founder Mr. Lou Gossett & Ms. Marjorie Dove

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Nay Nay Kirby on ActorsE Chat
Nay Nay Kirby on ActorsE Chat

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