ActorsE Chat with Lisa Caprelli ( Go Glossy Media, Public Relations & Marketing) and Host Kurt Kelly



Media expert, Lisa Caprelli will be discussing her unique strategy of creating a ‘branded’ and well defined vision for artists, which combines all the varied aspects of their talent into a single, multifaceted essence that is proven to attract attention and support from both the industry and the public.

The explosive growth of digital media has created literally thousands of opportunities for talented artists to share their work, vision, and creativity. Their challenge is to direct their vision through creative marketing techniques so that it gets to the producers and audiences who want to see it. Multimedia options provide platforms that allow aspiring talent to digitally structure their ‘star persona’, those indefinable aspects of themselves that make them unique and ‘perfect for the role’, so that they stand apart from the rest of the talent crowd. The answer for artists struggling to be noticed in such a competitive town as Los Angeles may be in creating a ‘brand’ for themselves, as a platform that makes them well known.

Lisa Caprelli is an artist, author, speaker, and business growth expert who has helped numerous businesses, entertainers, and entrepreneurs achieve their goals. As the founder of Go Glossy Public Relations and Media, the author of “Color Your Message,” an Amazon best seller, and host of “The Business Experience Show”, Lisa Caprelli will bring her unique ‘star branding,’ outside-the-box approach and humanistic viewpoint to the public on this fabulous and entertaining webcast. Over her 20 year career, she has interviewed successful ‘notables,’ and brings that insight with her to this conversation.

In its 7th season, the ActorsE Chat Show is a daily, online webcast that pairs a variety of hosts with a bigger variety of artists from every conceivable genre.

Lisa Caprelli delivered an informative and fun ActorsE Chat Show with terrific any digital device.

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Kurt Kelly, the Voice of Experience
Kurt Kelly, the Voice of Experience

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