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Hollywood Bound 2017

Actress and Acting Teacher and founder of AMC Talent, Ann Marie Crouch interviews actors with Hollywood Bound 2017

Enjoy the interviews of the Hollywood Bound 2017 actors: Anthony Robinson, Brooke Hernandez, Devan Foy, Elesia Marie, Emily Weideman, Hannah Willis, Holly Johnson, Isabella Fowler, Katie Glover, Lyna Huynh, Mason Hooper, Raymond Boudreaux, Rebecca Pena, Shane Willis, Shea-Lynn Irene, Teance Blackburn, Tia Osborne, Darla Briganti, and Katie Haynes​.

Ann Marie Crouch on ActorsE Chat
Darla Brganti on ActorsE
Tia Osborne on ActorsE
Teance Blsckburn on ActorsE
Shea-Lynn Jarrett on ActorsE
Shane Willis on ActorsE
Rebecca Pena on ActorsE
Raymond Boudreaux on ActorsE
Mason Hooper on ActorsE
Lyna Huynh on ActorsE
Katie Glover on ActorsE
Isabella Fowler on ActorsE
Holly Johnson on ActorsE
Hannah Willis on ActorsE
Emily Weideman on ActorsE
Eleisa Marie on ActorsE
Devan Foy on ActorsE
Brooke Hernandez on ActorsE
Anthony Robinson on ActorsE

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