ActorsE Chat with Gary Marsh, co-founder of Breakdown Services


Gary Marsh and Kristina Nikols on ActorsE Chat
Gary Marsh and Kristina Nikols on ActorsE Chat

Gary Marsh began his career as an actor after emigrating from England in 1963. Marsh terminated his acting career to begin Breakdown Services in 1971. A graduate of UCLA in 1976, Gary Marsh is a member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. The family of companies that he has created employs over 100 people. Breakdown Services occupies a unique position of trust within the entertainment community since they are the only company given access to virtually all scripts and are charged with the responsibility of accurately synopsizing all roles contained within these scripts both objectively and accurately.

About Breakdown Services

Breakdown Services ( was established in 1971, creating the process that is used around the world to cast feature films, television shows, commercials, theater and other projects that require actors. Since its inception it has developed many other services for the industry, including the Virtual Channel Network ( that uses the power of the Internet to transmit original content developed specifically for members of the entertainment community. Actors use Breakdowns’ Showfax service to obtain audition material at ( as well as Actors Access ( that allows for actors to update their pictures, resume and demo reels to submit for specific roles posted at the request of casting directors, CastingAbout (, an up-to-date source for real-time casting and production information in Los Angeles and New York and Talentproplus, a database application that organizes and automates the daily tasks of talent representative businesses.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Breakdown Services operates through a global network of services in the U.S., England, Canada and Australia.

Gary Marsh, founder of Breakdown Services, on ActorsE Chat
Gary Marsh, founder of Breakdown Services, on ActorsE Chat

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