Actor and Stunt Coordinator Mark Riccardi Guests on ActorsE Chat with Host Kim Delgado


Stuntman Mark Riccardi guests on ActorsE Chat
Stuntman Mark Riccardi guests on ActorsE Chat

Mark Riccardi ( Stunt Coordinator)
Award Winning Hollywood Stuntman & Stunt Coordinator
Take Two Entertainment Producer and Director
Mark has 25+ years of Hollywood stunt and stunt coordinating experience.

Marks company TTE is also busy and in development with 2 projects Shabbos Night Fever and The Bouring Identity. HIS comedy project The Mamaluke he created with partner Ben fiore and Mark and his crew have shot 3 episodes and are busy shopping it to a majority of networks. The Mamaluke episodes can be seen at www.mamaluke – it stars Goodfelleas Johnny “Roast Beef” Williams and Veronica Alicino.

Mark has choreographed, coordinated, and doubled for Travolta in some of Hollywood’s biggest films including: “Face Off”, “Get Shorty”, “Broken Arrow”, “Phenomenon”, “Battlefield Earth”, “A Civil Action”, “Sword Fish”, “Michael”, and “The Generals Daughter”.

Mark was involved in other blockbuster Hollywood movies including, “Mission Impossible”, “Live Free or Die Hard”, “The Thin Red Line” and Godzilla and he recently stunt coordinated Oscar nominee picture Whiplash Mark has performed in or stunt coordinated in 50 leading US prime time television shows including, “Without A Trace”, “ Castle”, Hawaii 5-0, “Big Mike”, “Heroes”, “ CSI”, ”, “General Hospital”,

Mark is just back in Los Angeles after 2 months of coordinating the Project Beta Test for his long time friend and director Nicholaas Gyeney. Where Mark worked with a crew of stuntman and shot what he believes to be the longest one take fight 7.50 minutes.

Stuntman Mark Riccardi and Actor Kim Delgado on ActorsE Chat
Stuntman Mark Riccardi and Actor Kim Delgado on ActorsE Chat

Mark Riccardi’s Website: Stuntible

Kim Delgado IMDB

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