Acting in Style with recording artist and model Zaena Morisho

Zaena Morisho is a music artist,song writer,fashion designer and model from West Africa. Fashion designing is all about fabulous fabrics amazing ideas and bold eye catching colors that Pop!

Nay Nay Kirby hosts Zaena Morisho on Acting in Style
Nay Nay Kirby hosts Zaena Morisho on Acting in Style

Zaena Morisho
Zaena Morisho / Candle (Billberg Ent.)A truly global new Christmas song that arrived just in time before the Christmas holidays.The song “Candle” was created in a songwriting collaboration spanning several continents.Swedish songwriter Eva Nordell, African born artist Zaena Morisho and the Austrian born, award winning writer/producer Peter Roberts came together in Los Angeles to create a very energetic new Christmas song that merges current Pop, RnB and EDM elements into a very unique and memorable piece of music that gives the typical Christmas song genre an entirely new twist. “Candle” received extensive airplay and held Top 20 positions in various RnB/Hip Hop and Indie Pop charts and was among the top 200 most played songs of 2014.

“Rock the Natural” the latest project, in order of release byZaena Morisho is meant to empower ladies of all races types to embrace their natural bodies. “You are beautiful just as you are!” says Zaena. This is a wonderful track. She has such a great voice and if you watch videos of her, she is great there too!

Zaena Morisho may seem like just another name in what seems an endless list of female electro pop singers, but apart from her refreshing honesty, what makes her stand out is the sheer passion in her vocal delivery, the pristine beats, and the tight songwriting. “Rock the Natural” is no exception.

It’s the kind of glorious, hook filled single that artists of this genre only wish they could make. The song is immediate and at the same time uplifting, with a hand-clapping chorus sweet as sugar that does not wear thin after repeated listens. Zaena’s production team continues its consistent textured production with this track!

Zaena Morisho on Acting in Style
Zaena Morisho on Acting in Style

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