Acting in Style – Fashion Statements at Pre-Golden Globes Party

Acting In Style – Episode 1

Acting in Style host, Allison McNamara, enjoys fashion chatting with invitees to the pre-Golden Globes party at Les Deux in Hollywood, California.


Allison McNamara
Allison McNamara

Allison shares the fashion of Tatiana Nicole (“American Idol, Season8)), Vadell David, Dionne Gibson, veteran actor Patrick Kilpatrick, Chanel Ryan (“Hobgoblins 2”), Katherine Kramer, Janine Grigory, Kate Linder (“The Young and the restless”), Paul Morrell (Director, “Filth to Ashes, Flesh to Dust”), Nicholas J. Leinbach, (“Filth to Ashes, Flesh to Dust”) Derrick Bishop (“iCarly”), Chris Capri (“Jewelry Designer”), Ralph Rieckermann (“MegFault”), Meredith Laine (“War of the Worlds”), Emma Zerner (“In The Moment”), Trick of the Witch, Lui Montanya, Anton Troy (“Rock Obma: The Barack Obama Musical”), Cher Chere Micah Mora, Cristiana Iannuzzi (“The Telling”), and more.

Pre-Golden Globes Party

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