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Photo by Richie Chance

Being on the road, be it for work or pleasure, can put a strain on your usual health and fitness routines. Even when I’m home and need to get in a quick workout, trekking to the gym seems futile, especially if I have limited time to spare. Thankfully there are plenty of exercises out there that can be done in the comfort of your very own home, or home away from home (hotel room).

No gym? No problem. This routine shouldn’t take you more than 10-15 minutes to complete. Of course, gradually adding reps or sets (as you feel necessary) is a great way to kick it up a notch. Want more? Check out our The Most Efficient 10 Minute Workout for Life on the Go

Ready, Set, Go!

1. In and Outs – We’re not talking burgers but we are talking about a seriously good way to strengthen your core.

Start in a V-like position on your mat
Extend your legs out and bring them back in towards your chest, keeping your hands flat by your sides
For a greater challenge, try extending your arms out in a T-like or “touchdown” position
Repeat 10x

2. Army Crawl Push-Ups – This one is great for abs, arms and overall toning.

Begin in the plank position with your shoulders square to the mat and your feet together (Your body should be in a straight line)
Bend your right arm down into a forearm plank position and then drop the left side to form a full forearm plank position
Lift up your right hand and place it directly below your shoulder and push up
Repeat with your left side
Hold in full plank position for a beat
For a greater challenge, add a full push up after each plank
Repeat 10x

3. Tricep Dips – Want sexy arms? Sculpt your triceps using your own body weight.

Find a curb, desk or bench to prop yourself up on. Fingers should be facing your toes
Lift your body up to create a reverse plank-like position
Slowly lower your butt down using the strength of your arms
When you get to the bottom of your dip, return to your starting position
Repeat 15x

4. Reverse Sit Ups –

Keep your back on the mat, extend your legs out but keep them off the ground
Methodically raise your knees towards your head in a reverse crunch position
Use your abdominals to control each repetition
Repeat 15x

5. Plank Hip Twists – You’re in the home stretch so let’s assume the position!

Get into full plank positon
Slowly rotate your left hip to the floor
Once it touches, rotate hip to the right and touch the floor
Repeat 20x

6. V Sit – Last one! We’re going to slow it down and take steady, deep breathes.

On your mat, lift your legs up to a 45 degree angle
Lean your upper body back and balance on your tailbone
Reach forward with your arms and hold for 20 seconds
Relax & Repeat
Repeat 3x

*Remember: Always listen to your body. Be aware of the proper technique for each exercise. And if something doesn’t feel right…stop!

Photography by Richie Chance

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