8mm Band with Host Julie-Kathleen Langan on ActorsE Chat


photo by John Michael Ferrari
8mm Band with Julie-Kathleen Langan on ActorsE Chat

8mm is a glamorous, neo-noir Rock band based in Los Angeles, California. Started by Sean Beavan, (who formerly worked with bands such as Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails and God Lives Underwater), and his wife Juliette Beavan, 8mm has toured internationally in countries such as the United Kingdom and Chile, as well as across the US and in parts of Canada.
“…8MM is reminiscent of a midnight drive in a ’56 Jaguar roadster… Juliette has this vibe so enrapturing it’s impossible to take your eyes off of her. The woman invented cool…” – Monroe Bennet of www.thego-togirls.com

8mm’s Website

Julie-Kathleen Langan’s Website

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