1.10 June 24, 2009 – ActorsE Live Chat with Catey Rudoy and Stevie Wright (American Idol)

Singer Songwriter Stevie Wright
Stevie Wright was Top 36 American Idol, Season 8
It has been quite a Winter for Stevie.
Stevie studied song performance skills with Pepper Jay and John Michael Ferrari
She has been performing all over the United States
with with WEST COAST MUSIC, Southern California’s
premier provider of live entertainment for special events.
Stevie is currently working with one of
America’s great guitarist, Corky James in his
West Coast Music band, The James Gang.

Catey Rudoy is a young actress from Los Angeles, California. To her family, Catey has always been destined for stardom. When She was little she would be so loud and fun and make everyone laugh. She started acting when she was 7. She landed big roles in small-town plays. She started by playing Ursula in the play The Little Mermaid. Next was The Artful Dodger in Oliver Twist. Soon the very next play she did was Oklahoma! and she played Curly since there were no boys in this play, she portrayed a boy. She sang a huge solo number. It was a great learning experience. The next play was The King and I where she portrayed The Kralahome. The last play she ever did was Annie and luckily she landed the part of Annie out of her whole elementary school (age 9). About a month after she turned 10, She booked her first role. She played the star in a portrait at 10 years old. Two years later, she began filming her 1st short film, a black comedy, called Family Recipes. She played the main character in a flash back. In Spring, she sang in a USC Student film called The Lesson.
Catey was the lead in the TV pilot, “Sparky,” directed by John Michael Ferrari and Pepper Jay.
Catey studied song performance skills with John Michael Ferrari and Pepper Jay during her teen years.
Catey sings under the name Cat Ivy. Cat Ivy Music

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