Will Them To Look At You

In this segment, we explore the audience psychology techniques of Willing your Audience to Look at You the Performer. The Key is to Look Into The Eyes of your Audience.

Pretend you have extraordinary powers and can make each audience member look at you. Always look right into their eyes or where their eyes should be. Often, you can’t see the eyes of each audience member. Sometimes the lights are too bright or an audience member is turned away. If you can’t see the “whites of their eyes,” look at them as if you could. Interestingly enough, if you look at the back of someone’s head as if they are looking right back at you, the vast remainder of your audience will not know the difference. On the other hand, your audience will pick up every uncomfortable nuance if you’re searching or pleading for someone to return your gaze.

Sing with the actual or pretend knowledge, realization, and satisfaction that your audience can’t take their eyes off of you. That satisfaction and confidence, alone, will take you one step closer to greatly improved song performance skills.

See you on stage!