What Casting Directors Do

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What Casting Directors Do

Ever wonder exactly what it is that casting directors do? Here’s a summary:
When handed a job by a producer or director, a casting director will first make the preliminary lists of actors they think are right for the roles. Then they run those names by the producers. Next, they put out a breakdown for the roles that they have not cast yet. The same day the breakdown goes out, they receive hundreds of submissions from agents, managers and actors. From the photos and resumes, they select a limited number of actors to come in for each role.

They set up the casting sessions by calling the agents and managers, and make appointments that usually fill their day for many days depending on how many roles they need to cast. They hold the auditions, and from there, they select the actors who will be called back for the callbacks.

Usually, they bring about five people back on a callback, and from that it’s narrowed down even more. Usually one person usually stands out in the callbacks, and he or she would be the one to get the role. That is, unless, the producer has a nephew or son or friend, etc…

After the decisions are made, the deals are made. The casting director speaks with the agent, and they hash out the contingents (such as money and billing) of the contract. The casting director has a certain amount of money to work with, and depending on how bad they want the actor, will pay accordingly. The casting directors are still around during the shoot, in case they have to replace an actor, or for any problems that arise.