Want to do an excellent performance? Dynamic Performance Coach Pepper Jay suggests you move your chi.

Dynamic Song Performance by Pepper Jay

Move Your Chi

Key: Song performance movement is a three-step process: mind, energy, and motion.

Want to give an excellent performance? Move your chi.

If performers appear awkward on stage, they are probably using only a two step process to move: mind and motion. Employing a two-step process, they think, “I want to move my right arm upward,” and it moves. Yes, the arm moves upward but it does not flow as well as it could; the motion does not fully communicate. Instead, the movement simply travels from one location to another. Sounds rather dull, doesn’t it!

Compare moving your body in a three-step process. Your mind moves your energy and your body simply involuntarily follows the energy. Your movement becomes a meaningful, powerful, and believable sharing of the song; your movement is “in sync.”

So, for purposes of this text, we will call this energy of life your “chi.” The vital force believed in Taoism and other Chinese thought to be inherent in all things.

When you try this, do not voluntarily move your body. Just move your energy using your thoughts and imagination. It’s ok if your body involuntarily follows the energy.

Remember, you are what you think.
See you on stage!

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