Want to be an excellent singing performer? Develop Your Own Style!

Develop Your Own Signature Style

Key: How do you want your fans to visualize you?

Who are you, the performer? Here are some tips on how to find or develop your “own style.” Please keep in mind that you want to create a style for yourself that looks like it “goes with you.” You want to be memorable but, at the same time, seem natural and real Develop a signature style of your own.

Attempt to objectively take a serious assessment of your overall current style when you sing. Do you prepare yourself or throw on whatever outfit may be clean or easy? Decide what parts, if any, of your current performing style that you want to keep.
Pick a general genre for your style. Answers to these questions may be of assistance:
Where should the public look for you on iTunes? Country? Rap? Jazz? Alternative?
Do you want to appear traditional or preppy?
Modern or fashion-forward?
Perhaps you see yourself as more casual GQ kind of guy?

Whatever style you chose, make sure you choose a style for yourself that is long lasting; a style that you and your fans can live with hopefully forever. Once branded in the public’s mind, it’s very hard to change style.