Walk, don’t run, to enhance fat-burning

Exercise is the partner to healthy nutrition. What kind of exercise?
A nonstrenuous exercise plan that is easy to do and easy to keep up on a regular basis is the partner to healthy nutrition.
How do you know if you are getting the right amount of exercise? Learn how to calculate your heart rate. In order to enhance fat-burning, you must exercise within your “target heart-rate” zone (sometimes called “THR”).
What is the example of the right kind of exercise? It is like quickly but safely walking through the airport when you are late for your plane to Hawaii. It is walking, not running, but walking fast. You don’t want to miss your vacation. Walk fast.

Walk outdoors or on a treadmill. Or, use a machine, like an elliptical trainer, a stairmaster, a bike, or a rowing machine. Just make sure you ask for instructions before using any equipment. Take an aerobics class at your gym or use a home workout video, going at your own easy pace. Ask your doctor what time of easy exercise is right for you.

Here’s a chart of Christine Avanti’s cardio vascular recommendations.

Cardiovascular Exercise Recommendations

Start duration Increments of increase

  • Beginner 10 min 5 days/week + 5 min/day as you get comfortable
  • Intermediate 30 min 5 days/week + 5 min/day as you get comfortable
  • Advanced 60 min 6 days/week Rest 1 day per week

It is important to work out within your target heart-rate so that your body is burning more fat than muscle.
Let’s get technical for a moment: The body has two types of muscle fibers: slow twitch and fast twitch. The fast twitch fibers are used when you are doing an exercise that requires a lot of speed and strength. The important thing to know is that fast twitch muscle fibers use glycogen for fuel rather than fat. You use fast twitch muscle fibers when you work above your THR. When you work within your THR, you use slow twitch muscle fibers which primarily use fat as fuel. So work out within your THR so that you burn more fat.

Working out within your target heart rate is much easier than doing a hard workout.
You can calculate your THR by using the example equation shown on the screen.
In order to check your heart rate I highly recommend you invest in a heart rate monitor at sporting goods store or on the internet.


  • (220 – your age) x 65% = Lower Target
  • (220 – your age) x 85% = Upper Target

Example: if you are 40 years old:

  • (220-40) x 65% = (180) x .65 = 117
  • (220-40) x 85% = (180) x .75 = 153

So for a 40 year old person, exercise to get your heart rate between 117 and 153 beats per minute for maximum fat burning.

Fast Walking!
Love the way you look and love the way you feel!