Vocal Performance Tips by Performance Coach Pepper Jay

Vocal Performance Tips by Performance Coach Pepper Jay

Singers: Take Care of Your Best Asset … Your Voice!
Take care of your voice. Your voice should never hurt. Going on tour? Working in a nightclub? Are you required to perform 4-6 times per week in a musical? Regardless if your genre, if your throat hurts from singing: you are not singing correctly.

Our suggestion: if you lose all or part of your voice or if your throat hurts do 2 things:
First, contact your doctor, preferably an ear, nose, and throat specialist.

Second, contact a reputable vocal coach — a vocal coach to teach you how to sing correctly using, when appropriate, “mixed voice.” As your “mixed voice” muscles develop, not only will your range will increase but you will gain more vocal control. With a developed “mixed voice,” you should be able to seamlessly travel from low to high notes, and, at the same time, protect your best asset, your voice!

What is mixed voice you ask?
Mixed voice is the mixed use of your chest voice and your head voice together. When singing in mixed voice your throat is open and the sound appears without damaging the vocal cords. To learn mixed voice, try singing in a yawn. Yes, a yawn. Feel how open your throat feels? Although rather extreme, did you ever wonder why Michael Jackson spoke like this? He was guarding his best asset … his voice.

See you on stage!