The Many Jobs In This Industry

Welcome back to “Little Fish in a Big Pond,” by Lizzie Maxwell. Today’s “Little Fish” article is about the many jobs in this industry.

It’s hard to believe that there are so many actors not making a living at their craft because in these times there are many different avenues an actor can follow. We dream of the feature film career or the ongoing T.V. series, but there are other routes to take when trying to make a living as an actor. Here are a few of the jobs available in our industry:

VOICEOVERS – Great voice? You don’t need one unless you can only do one thing which is to have a great voice. If you’re able to change your voice and do different characters, kids, old men, old women, cartoon characters, this is a career unto itself, and you can make tons of money. Good classes and a good tape are essential here.

DUBBING/WALLA/LOOPING/FOLEY – These are all terms for putting additional sound to a movie or television show. If you can break in here, good money and lots of fun.

RADIO DRAMA/COMEDY – Radio is making somewhat of a comeback, time will tell.

STAND UP COMEDY – Again, a career unto itself, but a great way to get seen, and possibly end up with your own series. Must take classes, workshops, hang out at clubs every night, and be able to laugh at yourself, and steal material. According to Mark Lonow, part owner of the IMPROV, this will take at least seven years to gain some recognition.

CD ROMS – Very big and wide open field!

STUNT WORK – Only if you’re fit and unafraid. Not for the squeamish. Again, get training for falls, and super stunts.

NIGHTCLUB WORK – Can you sing? Play piano? Cabaret yourself around. There are plenty of hotels, clubs and piano bars who need entertainers.

CRUISE SHIP – Musical Theatre background. See the world while making your living as a dancer, singer or actor aboard the luxury cruise ships. It takes you out of the loop but may be good when change is called for.

INDUSTRIAL FILMS – A different way to go. If you’re corporate looking, especially, this may be a field you want to check out.

TRADE SHOWS – Perky? Demonstrate products at trade shows, show cars, talk to people.

BOOKREADERS – Who are they? Be the voice on audio tapes of full length books. Research publishers.

HAND MODELING – If you have any specific parts of your body that are outstanding, make use of them by modeling! Many agents will handle you for this.

PRINT WORK – This is modeling and all types are needed for advertising in magazines, newspapers, catalogues, billboards, etc. Pretty or not, here you come.

TRAVELING SHOWS FOR THE SCHOOL SYSTEM – If you can do “Martin Luther King” or any other significant historical character, then put up a one man show and take through the school system. They often hire educational shows on topics of interest like history, holiday shows, recycling, safety, etc., and you can make a living at it!

TALKING REAL ESTATE SIGNS – They are getting more prevalent! I don’t know how to get into it, but it’s out there. Perhaps call Fred Sands corporate office?

CABLE TV – Produce your own talk show, comedy or improve show – whatever. It’s cheap!

Remember, follow your dreams!!