The Eyes Have It


Eyes and what’s behind them are extremely important to our careers.

Your photo will start getting interesting when your eyes “talk” or “dance” or “insinuate.” Look into the camera lens as if it’s your best friend. It is.

Depending upon your choice of characters, take photos feeling enraged, smug, ugly, questioning, tough, funny, sexy, whatever. Use the emotions that go along with the characters you’re going to play! Go to a photographer that will over-shoot. Have lots of choices.

Plan your photo shoot ahead of time. Bring five to ten changes of clothes and have five different characters in mind. Your photo shoot should reflect the roles you are most likely to play. BE SPECIFIC!

When you are “on camera,” your eyes are extremely important. Know your lines. If you are worrying too much about the script, it will show in your eyes. The camera picks up everything. Nerves, too much body movement, unusual head movement, over blinking. Know your lines so that you can relax on camera and be in the moment.