Style Tips for all Performers by Pepper Jay

Performance coach and teacher Pepper Jay shares Style Tips for All Performers:

1. Shoes: Wear comfortable shoes. Performance shoes, even tap shoes, should be “slip on” or with straps. Stay away from shoes that tie. Stay away from rubber soled shoes which are difficult to move in. Be careful when performing in new shoes with leather soles that can slip. New leather shoes should be carefully scuffed on cement or other rough surface prior to your performance.

2. Make your outfit efficient: Can you easily perform your entire routine in the clothes you’ve chosen to perform in? Watch out for loose material, as in large shirt sleeves or pant legs, which may accidentally get caught up in your movement or microphone cords, etc. Does your signature style include a hat? Better make sure it’s one that will stay on your head when it’s supposed to.

3. Show only what you want: When choosing your performance signature style, take into consideration the effect of the lights on your outfit. In some venues, the lights are so strong that many materials become transparent. Whether or not “see-through” is an aspect of your style, it’s best to know ahead of time how the audience will see you.

4.Customize: If you go all the way to famous, even your silhouette will give away who you are. Michael Jackson used his silhouette to great effect. Once you’ve chosen your signature style, consider customizing your clothes or buying vintage. If your style is “signature” enough, just your outfit will give away who you are to your audience and fans.

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