Stay Balanced

Key: Own your stage. You are an athlete.
Like an athlete, you, the singer, must also strive to always be physically balanced and secure, with your weight evenly distributed between your two feet. This is true even during choreography where, for example, your legs are in a “lunge position” (one leg straight and one leg with knee bent as to lean, lunge). With few comedic and dramatic exceptions, an audience will feel uneasy when a performer is leaning or appears to be unbalanced on the stage.

The audience picks up on your every move. If you are swaying from side to side, having nothing to do with your song or if you are nervously pacing on stage, you transfer your nervousness to your audience. Remain physically secure and solid. Stand and walk with the purpose of communicating your song and patter to your audience. Commit completely to your movements by making them precise (whether hard or soft movements) and by allowing the movement to mirror and compliment the lyrical phrase.

See you on stage!