Singing Enunciation Brings Passion to the Lyrics

How to make your performance Look Real with Strong Enunciation

Singing Enunciation Brings Passion to the Lyrics

Singing Enunciation is the art of clearly and concisely pronouncing the lyrics as you sing. Excellent enunciation breathes your songs to life and conveys lyrics’ passion. Clever use of strong enunciation heightens every emotion; love, lust, sadness, anger. Enunciation brings passion to the lyrics … gives “kick” to the lyrics. If there is any incorrect song performance technique that lowers a singer’s chance of success it is the singer’s lack of enunciation of the lyrics.

To achieve better singing enunciation, move your tongue and your lips fully as you pronounce the lyrics. If we become careless in our enunciation, our audiences will lose interest as our singing becomes difficult to understand or muffled into the music.

Strong Enunciation Exercise: Speak the words with strong enunciation. Practice speaking the lyrics with over-exaggerated consonants. For example, over emphasize all of the d’s, k’s, p’s, and t’s. A slightly toned down version of the extra enunciation of the consonants adds emotion to the words. Enunciation helps the lyrics come alive!

Practice Makes Articulate
To rid yourself of a singing enunciation problem (or sloppy singing) requires diligent practice. Perhaps you have picked up poor speaking enunciation habits that could also use improving. No worries. Record yourself, listen to yourself, and demand perfect enunciation of yourself. It will take a lot of effort but, with practice, you should be able to articulate perfectly.

See you on stage!